Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hebrews 4:16

Hello.  Sorry I took the summer off (you know because there are SOOO many people that read this...)  That was joke.  Told to you with confidence.  Confidence is what I am going to write about today.  Nice segue huh?  And I don't mean the electric bikes!  Actually, calling it a 'bike' is not really that accurate.  Let's call them 'standing up straight while electrically moving things.'  Actually, I think segue is a fine definition. But that is not what this is about...

When I read Hebrews chapter 4, something about verse 16 struck me.  It says "Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need."

Now, I am confident when I tell jokes (even bad ones), I offer up my BBQ to people with confidence, I tell people I have never seen any part of the Twilight series with confidence and I am still an LA Clippers fan with confidence.  

But one thing I am not confident about sometimes is my praying to God.  Whether it's in times of trouble or despair, I lack confidence when I am talking to the Lord.  I guess you could say that I kind of fear the Lord sometimes (which I thought was a good thing).  I need to remember that God is our heavenly father and he knows what is best for us and WHEN something is best for us... in HIS plan.  

So, have a great day and go to God with confidence!!


Patti said...

Thank you for this post, Michael.

I will go with confidence today and be inspired by you.

GuessChoir said...

One of my favorite verses and I use it prayer every time! =)

PS. love the clippers confidence.

Anonymous said...

Nice! And what a great reminder that God has everything we need, gives to us freely, and we can ask for it "with confidence"

Anonymous said...

Hello Michael. I'm glad I looked at your profile to see that you have started another blog. I've been a reader to your Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile ever since well... many-many years back. Never commented because I don't trust my English. I'm a fan of your frivolous ramblings. I am happy that you talk about God and the Bible here. And counting plenty of your blessings. Keep writing and God bless you.


North Borneo