Thursday, June 7, 2012


No, that is not me in that picture!!  If it was I would not be using the intraweb right now.  I'd be thanking the Lord for his beauty!!  I love being the first one to wake up.  Though it doesn't happen very often, especially while the twins are in school.  But the twins are out of state this week with my parents, so I am the first to greet the morning sun in our household.

I try to spend that time with my coffee (for those that know me, it's a must, otherwise I would be mumbling my words and bumping into to things) and the Bible.  My church has a daily reading plan and that is the perfect time for me to read.  With the house quiet the words and verses seem to 'pop out' more and let me really understand and reflect on them.  And then I pray for the day ahead and whatever else on my mind.

It starts my day off right!!!!


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Patti said...

Beautiful post.

You inspire me to read the Bible. Hope you have a peaceful day.