Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How To Get Into Heaven...

As I search for things to write about each day I am growing (though not in height, I am the king of the height-challenged) in my relationship with God.  So if it seems like I am just skimming the surface of God's word, I probably am.  I hope that this blog will lead me into deeper thoughts and I will have something important to say.  I am not trained in the Bible but these are my thoughts. Writing about God's word is new to me, but I am enjoying it!!

I have no step by step method to get to heaven.  The church when Martin Luther was alive thought they had a way.  Buying a piece of paper to help you get into heaven.  That was more so that the church could make money!  And they made a boatload of it!!  Could you imagine the infomercial about buying an indulgence?!!  "For only $19.99 you can purchase your ticket to heaven.  And if you act now, we'll give to two for that price..."

There really is only one way - to follow Jesus and accept him into your life.  I know, go ahead and start quoting Stair Way to Heaven.  You knew I had to bring that up at some point!!  Though some of you wish I hadn't  :)

My church has daily readings and I am reflecting on one of those readings for this post.  In Matthew 19:16-30 Jesus tells a man who has asked how to get into heaven to sell everything he has (and give it to the poor) and follow him.  This was not what the man wanted to hear!  Because he was a rich man and would have to give away his fortune.

Jesus then said that through man it is impossible, but through God ALL things are possible!  Jesus finished by saying that for those that leave houses or fields for his sake will get so much more and will inherit eternal life.  It is up to you, but I think that is a small 'price' to pay for eternal life!  And besides, you can't take it with you when your days on this planet are over.  Though, I may still be buried with my PEZ collection - because no one else wants it!!  :)

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Ralph said...

I guess the easiest way is to stop thinking of the easy way - a christian gets to heaven in the simplest way: faith and asking for forgiveness. That's is - all things are possible with God, we have to acquiesce in thinking we have all knowledge to do it all - perhaps slow down and listen to God instead...